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Unique Display Cabinet Layout Make Clothing More Outstanding

    A good clothing display case is very attractive, it can let clothing become more charming, more attractive, but we also know that the clothing Display cabinet have some different  forms, and put the clothing also each are not identical, If you want to display the costume play an  largest  role , it should be  use clothing display case better and  arrange the clothes better.
The use of clothing display case is very exquisite. Decorate in the display case,there have a close relation with the size of the display case, production materials and forms. Also on colour we also need to be careful when decorate clothing display cabinet, If not carefully,it might be lose attention from the customer.
At the same store, the modelling of the display case should be the basic unity, the purpose is to make a neat, orderly environment, a good atmosphere for shopping. Size, material, form, features and color is consistent, can achieve unity to display case. The  arrangement  of display case is the main content of the business hall  decoration. Composed of display channel, determines the flow of customers. No matter using vertical cross, diagonal lines cross, radiant, or directly type layout methods.It should be retain certain flexibility for all changes in the business content. So some modern comprehensive shopping malls ‘s display cabinet adopts the form of the combination, is only a small amount of stores  use fixed form.
The distance between the display case should make sure that the passenger flow, at the small store Settings display case on the wall of store is no problem. In the large grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., it should  according to the size of the store traffic and the volume of business varieties to measure the reasonable distance, general said the main channel should be between 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters, in the sub-channel also shall not be less than 1.22 meters. Because of various types such as shape, volume, value of commodity has different characteristics, in order to achieve the best display effect, will put forward different requirements on display cabinet or some exhibition equipments. According to various types of merchandise to design the display case is a direction of the business hall.
The display cabinet  design should guarantee the goods display shelves have the appropriate size and space, Make goods can effectively decorate horizontal arrangement, show their different varieties, vertical arrangement, showing the same varieties of different specifications and grades. Proper space is good for the goods Arrangement, and provide convenience for salesman racking, loaning, clean.
Display case to display goods, generally don't use the color of stimulus. But the color relations between display stand and commodities, must consider the usual color. Such as colorful products,the display cabinet  colour should be grey; The goods of light color, display case color should be deep; Dark goods, display case  colour  should be appropriate light. The colorific collocation of Display cabinet and commodities  is  play a foil role as the background color .
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