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Identify the quality of the acrylic display rack

In our life, generally the Common acrylic displays are as the a show props for products. Its outstanding appearance, physical properties make acrylic display in Aesthetics ,practical, easy to clean aspects has more obvious advantage than a traditional display.

The production of acrylic display need exquisite craft, It is show as thefollowing aspects:

During the manufacture of the acrylic display need to join the rigid inorganic filler to increase toughness. While Production join rigid inorganic filler,Can make material shear yield in matrix in the process of fracture, and able to absorb a large numbe for plastic deformation ,which can lead to the material substrate of brittle-ductile to change.

Using rigid organic filler of acrylic products to increase toughness.When stretching of acrylic material.

So how to identify an acrylic display quality ?

1.An bad quality organic glass plate is very fragile,, It will faded soon after exposure to the outdoor,There have no original luster.

2.Poor quality material of organic glass after baking soft,it is difficult toseparate, and good quality board even stick together can also be separated.This is called paste identification method.

3.Use fire to burn organic glass materials, good organic glass material will not burn easily, and bad material will burn up soon.

4.General good organic glass plate specifications same with the actual situation, On the contrary, inferior plank often duplicity.

5.The organic glass plate ’s transmittance of light very high, very white, and not yellow or blue. Of course, the light is white, light transmittance is also different.

6.Good quality acrylic display soft rubber edge packing is better, and bad plank soft rubber color look very miscellaneous, the this called joint plate.

The usage of the acrylic display rack is a very important part of our modern business activities, the choice of display will directly affect the customer's purchase desire and product display effect, so choose high quality acrylic display before use, is the key and foundation to give a full play to its final effect.

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